6 Flat Shoes Everyone Should Own in 2023 and the Best Versions at Nordstrom

Fun fact: Nordstrom currently has nearly 1600 flats to choose from. This is both exciting and scary, if you ask me. But all of this inventory means that every flat-shoe trend you could possibly ask for is present and accounted for at Nordstrom. The tricky part is picking your poison.

If you’re in need of some new flat shoes, first and foremost, it’s wise to narrow the offerings down to the trending styles. I’ve always appreciated that flats tend to stay in style longer than other trends for some reason. For that reason, I wear them more than any other shoe style, so I don’t mind spending a little more on them, but Nordstrom also has tons of affordable flat-shoe options.

I spent more time than I probably should’ve scrolling through Nordstrom’s flat shoes, but at least I found some really great pairs to share with you. Scroll on for six styles everyone will be wearing this year and to shop the most solid pairs for each trend.

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