6 Elegant Yet Comfortable Outfits That Are Perfect for Wearing on Short Flights

When you know you’re going to be sitting on a plane for upwards of eight hours, you know the outfit formula that are going to work for that. Between wide-leg trousers and leggings, comfort always wins out. Deciding what outfit to wear for a short flight, however, is where things get more complicated. As you’ll be travelling for less time, you have more options at your disposal, and that’s why it’s harder to pinpoint what works best for the airport and beyond.

I don’t know about but every time I take a shorter flight, when I reach my destination, I’m keen to hit the ground running, whether that means dumping my bags at reception and heading out to explore my new surroundings until check in, or quickly unpacking my case and going straight out to dinner and drinks. Because of this, dressing for your post-flight plans is a viable option, as is simply wanting to look stylish in pieces that might be less practical for long-haul flights but work for anything four hours and under.