6 Easy Jeans-and-Flat Shoe Outfits I'll Live In This Winter

Heels are great—no one is denying that. Stilettos, court shoes, platforms and kitten heels all exist for a reason, but for the day-to-day, flats are imperative. So, it’s pretty lucky that flat shoes are now considered cool.

Of course, we don’t just pay attention to fashion that’s received the ‘cool’ stamp of approval, but when a particular style is in the spotlight, designers are far more likely to grasp onto and release their own version, making it easier to access a wide range of designs. In the case of flats, which have garnered quite the fanbase since the revival of ballet pumps in the middle of last year, their new-found popularity has resulted in a surge of slingbacks, loafers, ballet flats and Mary Janes being released by the week.

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