50 Cent Dunks on ‘S–thead’ Ja Rule for Performing as Jesus Christ

50 Cent Dunks on ‘S–thead’ Ja Rule for Performance Referencing Jesus Christ

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50 Cent took another shot at his longtime enemy Ja Rule, this time over the latter’s performance at the BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards.

Ja, 47, seemingly referenced Jesus Christ’s crucifixion during his performance at the Wednesday, September 6, event in Miami Beach. At one point, he was lashed to a wooden column as backup vocalists — wearing white choir robes — surrounded him.

50 couldn’t resist mocking his fellow rapper’s display, sharing his scathing review of the performance via Instagram on Thursday, September 7. “Look at this s–thead,” wrote the 48-year-old alongside a video from the awards show. “Is he supposed to be Jesus. 😆 WTF you can’t make this s–t up. LOL so stupid!”

50’s brutal take on the show is just the latest skirmish in the pair’s long-running feud, which dates back to 1999 when Ja was allegedly robbed by one of 50’s associates. The duo have traded barbs in their lyrics over the years, but 50 — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — has more recently made headlines for his elaborate methods of pranking Ja.

50 Cent Dunks on ‘S–thead’ Ja Rule for Performance Referencing Jesus Christ
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In October 2018, for example, 50 purchased 200 tickets to one of Ja’s concerts, scoring the seats for $15 each in a Groupon deal. The seats were then unused, leaving the first four rows empty at Ja’s Arlington, Texas, performance.

Ja — whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins — publicly took the incident in stride, tweeting, “I get under @50cent skin… 😜 I love it!!!”

50 later said the prank “wasn’t a big deal” despite the headlines it made. “Now you gotta test your showmanship, when you come and there ain’t nobody in the front seats,” he explained during a January 2019 interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “You gotta still perform like everybody’s here.”

Host Stephen Colbert correctly summed up the situation, joking, “You do not want to f–k with you. That is beautiful.”

Two years earlier, 50 weighed in after Ja was involved in the Fyre Festival debacle, which led to cofounder Billy McFarland serving more than three years in prison after he was convicted of wire fraud. “Can’t do nothing right,” 50 wrote via Instagram in April 2017. “LOL.”

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