23 Winter Fragrances That Everyone Will Compliment You on

If (like me) you’re the type of person who considers a fragrance wardrobe switch-up just as essential as a regular wardrobe switch-up, now’s the time when you’ll most likely be putting aside summer’s bright, zesty florals in favour of deeper, cosier winter perfumes. Cold winter days call for warm, rich scents such as Maison Margiela’s By the Fireplace or & Other Stories’ Midnight Encore, which lend themselves to the season of glamorous parties, brisk walks and cosy dinners.

I naturally gravitate to warm, woody notes like cedarwood, musk, pepper and amber all year round, so it will come as no surprise to anyone that winter is my favourite season to experiment with scent, and I will literally not leave home without it. In my mind, finishing off my outfit choice with a spritz of perfume allows me to complete the vibe I’m going for, be it cosy layers or festive glamour.

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