2023's Top Perfumes Are Extra Juicy—20 Fruit-Inspired Scents We're Not Okay Over

Last year, the fragrance note to watch was undoubtedly vanilla. We saw vanilla emerge in scents like we’d never seen it before—think smoky and animalic (à la Byredo’s Vanille Antique) or reminiscent of freshly blended frosting (à la Ellis Brooklyn’s Vanilla Milk). This year, however, a new fragrance trend is finding its footing, and just like the trend before it, it’s still good enough to eat. 

We’re calling it: The fragrance trend du jour is juicy fruit. From cherries to grapes (and even more unexpected fruits like tangerines), this year’s best perfumes are freshly squeezed. Not only that, but they’re also reimagined takes on fruits you’re probably already familiar with. 

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