10 Shorts and Shoe Pairings Fashion People Are Wearing This Summer

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Summer is in full swing which means shorts are on heavy rotation in my wardrobe right now. I’ve personally been leaning into tailored linen silhouttes as well as pull-on boxer shorts that feel current and perfect for my comfort level. Whatever shorts styles you lean into, it’s the shoes you wear with them that will take your outfit from zero to one hundred in an instant this season.

As I’ve been scrolling through summer outfits on Instagram, I’ve been spotting a handful of short-and-shoe combinations that instantly say fashion person. Whether it’s this summer’s jorts trend (longer denim shorts) paired with sleek kitten heel sandals that perfectly balance the baggy silhouette, or casual striped boxer silhouettes with trusty Birkenstock clogs, these shoe-and-short pairings below, feel perfectly on-trend for summer 2024.